Roastmasters sent me this track with the caption, “i tried to make a song that people can have sex to. ”¬†

Although i think this song is built for everything, This track would make for a way better track to blast down the street with a couple homies ūüėČ



Looking to add some electro spice to your library? Say no more, this track’s got the perfect blend of dirty bass and synth to get that beat-hungry crowd going!

Dam Class

Dam Class kicks it up a notch with some hard electro-dub to rock the house with his new track, “It’s Not Bitter Enough!”

*Fixed spelling! Sorry!*



AkaHendy rolling in with some chill Trance in one of his latest track, ¬†“Dream So Real.” Be Sure to check out his Soundcloud for more!


Rising up to the top of my “recommended list”,¬†Operator¬†delivers a sweet track made only for who i assume are the tiger gods themselves.