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Born and Raised in New York, Skoof’s Low-Fi, Oldschool, sound is a reflection of his history as DJ in the late 90’s. Unofficially hailed as the Father of “B-Music”, Skoof’s trademark sets and productions often incorporate B- Movie, Grindhouse & Horror Cinema-Samples and have been supported by the likes of Marco Bailey, Liquid Todd, Jonathan Peters, and many more; including, yet not limited to, air-play on BBC Radio 1.His Productions and Mixes vary in genre and have been released through multiple labels, such as: Beat Rude Records, Supermarket Records, Red Robot Records, Amathus Music, and Side B Underground.



2 responses to “Featured Artist

  1. Skoof = Real EDM; staying alive ..or trying. Fuck everything about overproduced garbage. VINYL – 4 Decks – a DJ you can’t see, and a dark nightclub. PERIOD.

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